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Wide Format Printing:

An Introduction & Buyer's Guide

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The first and only comprehensive introduction and buyer’s guide to Digital Wide Format Printing.

This 74-page guide covers all the basic information someone wanting to enter the exploding Digital Wide Format Printing field needs to know, or for anyone just wanting to learn more about it and its rapidly evolving technologies. 

Critical evaluation information on over fifty of the major printers available today is provided with pictures. 


It's more helpful than I could have imagined. I have 23 years in signs and I thought I couldn't be told much that was "new", but your book has helped bring some cohesiveness to my understanding of these printers.

Guy Owen - Art Display Co - Washington, D.C.

Wide Format Printing

An Introduction and Buyer's Guide


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Finally, all the basic information about digital wide format printing you MUST know is available in one place combined with a buyer's guide:

Just added to the site: Choosing a Wide Format Printer article previously published on, Quick Printing Magazine, and Modern Reprographics (now Wide Format Imaging).

A few of the subjects covered in the Guide:

bulletOutput Requirements
bulletMulti-Color Options
bulletColor Management
bulletPrint Technologies
bulletAqueous Printers
bulletEco-Solvent Printers
bulletSolvent Printers
bulletThermal Transfer Printers

I have read the whole book and it is a great introduction for someone who plans to buy or purchase a large format printer.  I appreciate your wonderful work and your knowledge and expertise in this industry.

- Abraham Weiss, Brooklyn, NY  



74 pages packed with all the information you need to understand this highly profitable and fast growing field.  The Guide will be revised quarterly and updates will be available to purchasers for a nominal fee.

From the introduction:

"Whether you are considering buying or have recently bought a wide format digital printer or just want to learn what it’s all about, this book is for you. It covers the major printing technologies, printing, hardware, software, ink, and media basics, color management, and a general introductory buyer’s guide.

There are tremendous differences between a wide format printer and the desktop model you are used to using, even though the technology is very similar or even almost identical in some cases. Making the assumption that wide format printing is as simple as desktop printing is one of the most common mistakes made by first time buyers, because there are going to be ink issues, media issues, hardware issues, software issues and more.

Getting consistent and sellable output is the ideal, but initially it is likely to be an exasperating challenge. But it’s not all bad news! If you learn how to operate it well, it can earn you a lot of money and this book will provide the basics you need to know before going into it and some of the challenges you will face.

 "I have talked with hundreds of people over the past few years that spent anywhere from $5,000 to over $50,000 on a wide format digital printer without having a thorough understanding of the type of printer technology they needed, or more fundamentally, the technical expertise required to produce any sellable output, much less consistently sellable output." (cont.)

We have found the level of competition has changed - as have most businesses - and that we need to really know what to do to make all of it work - and your book helps with that.

That said, I found your book a great source for some of the problems that can/may arise in relation to color correctness.... We do not wish to be one
of the unhappy printer owners.

- Dan Davidson, CopySetCenter, Inc., Des Plaines, IL


*** Sample pages available for viewing: Epson Printers(410K)  Color(437K)  (Documents are in Adobe PDF format, click here to get Adobe Acrobat Reader) These files are fairly large for single pages and may take up to several minutes to load depending on your connection speed.

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Critical purchase evaluation information on over 50 printer models!





Thermal Tranfer

UV Flatbeds

Coming in Sept!

Encad Novjet

HP DesignJet

Epson StylusPro

ColorSpan Displaymaker

Mutoh Falcon Plus & II

Mimaki JV4

Roland HiFi Jet

Roland CammJet

Oce' Arizona





Mutoh Toucan

Mimaki JV3

DisplayMaker 72s

DisplayMaker 110S

"Roland" SolventJet

Roland SolJet

Mutoh Falcon Outdoor

Gerber Jetster


Encad VinylJet 32

Roland EX

Matan Sprinter

Summa DC2 & DC3

Gerber Edge, Edge 2 Gerber MAXX 2

Roland ColorCamm PC-600


Zund UVjet 215-C

NUR Tempo

VUTEk PressVu


Don't spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wide format printer only to never make one dollar back in profit. It has happened to too many people.

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